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Guide: Lower Case abbreviations indicate a lesser content.
G General Fiction Non-, general fiction and literature.
H Horror Supernatural fiction, supernatural horror and non-supernatural horror.
SF Science fiction, science fantasy, speculative fiction, alternate history.
F Fantasy, surrealism and magic realism.
M Mystery Crime, thrillers, mystery, suspense.
NF Non-Fiction, True Crime, Forteana, Reference
P Poetry
Author Title Genre
Adams, John Joseph, Editor The Living Dead H  SF  F
Aickman, Robert Cold Hand in Mine G F  H
Aickman, Robert Dark Entries (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) F  H
Aickman, Robert Powers of Darkness G F  H
Aickman, Robert Sub Rosa (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) F  H
Allan, Nina Spin SF G F  H
Amis, Martin Time's Arrow G F H SF
Arensberg, Ann Incubus F  H  G
Aronovitz, Michael Seven Deadly Pleasures H F G
Asher, Neal Brass Man SF H f
Asher, Neal Polity Agent SF H
Asher, Neal Prador Moon SF H
Asher, Neal The Skinner SF H
Asher, Neal The Voyage of the Sable Keech SF H f
Ashley, Allen Editor Subtle Edens  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  SF  M  F
Aylett, Steve Lint G SF NF h f
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Ballingrud, Nathan North American Lake Monsters H G F
Barker, Clive Abarat F H g
Barker, Clive Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War F H g
Barlough, Jeffrey E. Dark Sleeper F G H SF
Barlough, Jeffrey E. The House in the High Wood F G H SF
Barlow, Toby Sharp Teeth G F H
Barron, Laird The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All H SF F M G
Barron, Laird The Croning H SF F M G
Bell, Peter A Certain Slant of Light H F G
Bell, Peter Strange Epiphanies H F G
Bender, Aimee The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake G F H SF
Bender, Aimee Willful Creatures F H G SF M
Berguño, George The Tainted Earth H F SF G
Bertin, Eddy C. The Whipering Horror H f sf g
Beukes, Lauren Broken Monsters H M SF
Beukes, Lauren The Shining Girls H M SF
Blaylock, James P. All the Bells on Earth F H G
Boudinot, Ryan Blueprints of the Afterlife SF f h g
Boyle, TC Talk Talk G M h
Braunbeck, Gary Destinations Unknown  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H g m
Braunbeck, Gary Home Before Dark The Collected Cedar Hill Stories Vol.2  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H F G m
Broaddus, Maurice & Gordon,Jerry, eds. Dark Faith  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H SF F G
Brock, Jason V. and Nolan, William F., Editors The Devil's Coattail's  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H SF F G
Burdett, John Bangkok 8 M G H sf
Burdett, John Bangkok Haunts M H G sf
Burdett, John Bangkok Tattoo M G sf h
Burns, Charles Black Hole H SF F
Burns, Charles The Hive H SF F
Burns, Charles X'ed Out H SF F
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Cahalan Susan Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness NF g h
Campbell, Ramsey The One Safe Place M G H
Campbell, Ramsey The Overnight H G
Campbell, Ramsey Secret Stories M H  G
Cassutt, Michael and Goyer, David Heaven's Shadow SF g h
Chiang, Ted Stories of Your Life and Others   (reviewed by Serena Trowbridge) SF F H G
Chigas, Frank The Damp Chamber and other stories
 (reviewed by Mario Guslandi)
Cisco, Michael The Divinity Student F H G
Cisco, Michael The Great Lover F H G
Cisco, Michael The Tyrant F H G
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell F G sf h
Cleave, Chris Incendiary G sf h
Clinch, Jon Finn G h
Connolly, John Nocturnes   (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H M G
Couzens, Gary Editor Extended Play  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) G M H SF F
Crisp, Quentin All God's Angels, Beware!  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) G H F
Crisp, Quentin Shrike  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) G H F
Cronin, Justin The Passage   G SF H
Cronin, Justin The Twelve   G SF H
Crowther, Peter The Land at the End of the Working Day  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  SF  M  F  G
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Danielewski, Mark Z. House of Leaves The Remastered Full-Color Edition G  H  F  SF
Davidson, Andrew The Gargoyle G  F  H
Del Toro, Guillermo and Hogan, Chuck The Fall H  SF  F  G
Del Toro, Guillermo and Hogan, Chuck The Night Eternal H  SF  F  G
Del Toro, Guillermo and Hogan, Chuck The Strain H  SF  F  G
Díaz, Junot The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao G  f  sf  h
Doctorow, Cory Overclocked SF  G  H
Doctorow, Cory Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town F  G  H  SF  
Donohue, Keith Angels of Destruction F  G  H
Donohue, Keith The Stolen Child F  G  SF  H
Dowker, Felicity Bread and Circuses (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) F  H  G
Duncan, Glen The Last Werewolf H  F  m  g
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Egan, Jennifer The Keep M  G  H  SF
Everett, Ayize Jama- The Liminal People SF  F  M  G  H
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Ferry, Jean, Translation by Gauvin, Edward The Conductor and Other Stories G F h
Ford, Jeffrey The Girl in the Glass G M H F
Fowler, Karen Joy What I Didn't See G F H
Frost, Gregory Attack of the Jazz Giants  (reviewed by Terry Weyna) SF H F G
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Gaiman, Neil Anansi Boys G  H  M  SF
Gaskin, John The Long Retreating Day  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G  SF
Gavin, Richard Omens  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H
Gay, William I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down G  M  H
Gorman, Ed Different Kinds of Dead  (Reviewed by Mario Guslandi) M  H  SF  F  G
Gorman, Ed Cage of Night  (Reviewed by Mario Guslandi) M  H  SF  F  G
Goss, Theodora In the Forest of Forgetting  (Reviewed by Terry Weyna) F  H  SF  G
Goyer, David and Cassutt, Michael Heaven's Shadow SF g h
Grann, David The Lost City of Z NF  h  f  gf
Grant, G & Link, Kelly The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
(reviewed by Mario Guslandi)
H  M  F  SF  NF  G
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay 9Tail Fox M  G  H    SF
Guran, Paula (Editor) The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2010 H F G
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Hamilton, Peter Pandora's Star SF  M  H
Hancock,Graham Entangled F  H
Harpur, Patrick Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld NF f h sf
Harris, Charlaine All Together Dead G  H  M  f
Harrison, Kim A Perfect Blood G  H  M  F  SF
Hill, Joe Horns H  F  G  sf
Hill, Joe NOS4A2 H  F  G  sf
Hirshberg, Glen American Morons G  H  F
Houellebecq, Michel H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life NF  H  G  F
Howison, Del &
Gelb, Jeff (editors)
Dark Delicacies 2 H  F  M  G
Hughes, Matthew Black Brillion SF  M  F  H  g
Humphrey, Andrew Other Voices  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  F  SF   M  G
Hurley,Andrew Michael The Loney G  M  H
Huston, Charlie Already Dead H  M
Huston, Charlie No Dominion H  M
Huston, Charlie The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death
(reviewed by Terry D'Auray)
M  H  G
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Ishiguro, Kazuo The Buried Giant F  G  h
Ishiguro, Kazuo Never Let Me Go G  SF  F  H
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James, M. R., General Editors Christopher Roden and Barbara Roden A Pleasing Terror: The Complete Supernatural Writings
H  G  F  m
Jones, Stephen, Editor A Book of Horrors  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G
Joshi, S. T. Black Wings: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (reviewed by Mario Guslandi)
 H F  SF  G
Joyce, Graham The Facts of Life
 G f  h
Joyce, Graham The Limits of Enchantment
 G f  h
Julavits, Heidi The Uses of Enchantment M  G  h
Julavits, Heidi The Vanishers F  H  G
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Kay, Guy Gavriel Ysabel
G  f  h
Kiernan, Caitlin R. To Charles Fort, With Love  (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H
Klein, T. E. D. Reassuring Tales H  G  F  SF
Kostova, Elizabeth The Historian G  H  M
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Langan, John The Wide Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies  H F SF  G
Lansdale, Joe R. Leather Maiden M  H  G
Larson, Erik In the Garden of Beasts NF  g  h
Lebbon, Tim Dusk (reviewed by Terry Weyna) F   H  SF
Leonard, Joann Rose The Healer of Fox Hollow  G  m f  h
Lloyd, Rebecca Mercy and other Stories H F M G
Lockhart, Ross E. The Book of Cthulhu H SF F G
Loory, Ben Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day F G h
Lotz, Sarah The Three G H SF F
Lumley, Brian A Coven of Vampires (2007 review) H  F
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Mailman, Erika The Witch's Trinity H  G
Marcus, Ben The Flame Alphabet G  F  H  SF
Marks, John Fangland H  G
Marr, Melissa Graveminder H F  G
Mayer, Andrew P. The Falling Machine [The Society of Steam Book One] SF  F  h
Mayer, Andrew P. Hearts of Smoke and Steam [The Society of Steam Book Two] SF  F  h
Mayer, Andrew P. Power Under Pressure [The Society of Steam Book Three] SF  F  h
Maynard, LH & Sims MPN Darkness Rising 2005 (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G    F  SF
McCammon, Robert I Travel By Night H F M G
McComas, Paul Unforgettable SF H F gf
McComas, Paul & Starrett, Greg Fit for a Frankenstein H F g
Meaney, John Bone Song (reviewed by Terry D'Auray) SF H F M
Menger-Anderson, Kirsten Doctor Olaf Van Schuler's Brain G  sf  h
Mieville, China Un Lun Dun F  H  G
Mills, Magnus The Restraint of Beasts G  H  f  sf
Moore, Christopher Bloodsucking Fiends G  H  F
Moore, Christopher A Dirty Job G  H  F
Moore, Christopher Fluke G  H  F
Moore, Christopher Sacré Bleu G  H  F
Moore, Christopher You Suck G  H  F
Moore, Susanna The Big Girls M  G  H
Morrell, David Nightscape (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  M  SF  G
Morris, Mark Toady H  F  G  SF
Morrison, Rusty & Keegan, Ken Paraspheres (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) G  H  F  SF
Mosley, Walter The Gift of Fire and On the Head of a Pin  F  SF  h g
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Nesbø, Jo The Snowman M  H
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Obreht, Téa The Tiger's Wife G  f  h
Oliver, Jonathan, Editor House of Fear (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  f  m  g
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Palahniuk, Chuck Haunted G  H  SF
Palahniuk, Chuck Rant G  H  SF
Palahniuk, Chuck Tell-All G  H
Parker, Rosalie The Old Knowledge H
Parker, Rosalie Strange Tales Volume II (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  F  M  G
Pelan, John (editor) Dark Arts (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H
Percy, Benjamin Red Moon
 SF  G H  F  m
Pessl, Marisha Red Moon
 G  H  m
Piñol, Albert Sánchez Cold Skin G  F  H  SF
Pochoda, Ivy Visitation Street G  M  h  f
Pollock, Donald Ray The Devil All the Time G  M  H
Potter, Franz (editor) The Monster Made By Man:A Compendium of Gothic Adaptations (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G
Powers,Tim Hide Me Among the Graves F  G  H  SF
Powers,Tim A Time to Cast Away Stones F  G  H  SF
Powers,Tim Three Days to Never G  SF  H  F  M
Pratt, Tim The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl H  F  SF G
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Reynier, Michael Five Degrees of Latutide (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G  F  SF  M
Reynier, Michael Five Degrees of Latutide (reviewed by Rick Kleffel) H  G  F  SF  M
Reynolds, Alastair Revelation Space  SF H
Rice, Anne Prince Lestat H F M SF G
Rice, Anne The Wolf Gift G H F M sf
Rice, Anne The Wolves of Midwinter G H F M sf
Rice, Christopher The Heavens Rise G H F M sf
Rickman, Phil The Prayer of the Night Shepherd M   G   h
Rickman, Phil The Remains of an Altar M  G  h
Rickman, Phil The Smile of a Ghost M  G  h
Roach, Mary Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife NF  g  sf  h
Roach, Mary Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers NF  h
Roden, Barbara & Christopher Acquainted With the Night (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H
Rose, M. J. The Delilah Complex (reviewed by Terry Weyna) M  G  h
Rucker, Rudy Jim and the Flims SF  F  h  g
Russell, Karen Vampires in the Lemon Grove  H F  SF  G
Russell, Raymond B. The Dark Return of Time  M  H  G F
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Saler, Michael As If: Modern Enchantment and the Literary PreHistory of Virtual Reality NF  f  h  sf  m  g
Salzman, Anne-Sylvie Darkscapes  H  F  G
Samuels, Mark The Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G
Samuels, Mark Written in Darkness H SF g
Schow, David J. Havoc Swims Jaded (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  M  G
Shepard, Lucius Floater M  H
Shipp, Jeremy C. Vacation G  SF  H  F
Shirley, John ...And The Angel With Television Eyes  F  SF  h g
Shirley, John The Other End H  SF  G
Showers, Brian J. and Rockhill, Jim Editors Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J. S. Le Fanu H  F  G
Showers, Brian J. Old Albert: An Epilogue G  M  H
Showers, Brian J. Old Albert: An Epilogue (2013) G  M  H
Simmons, Dan The Abominable G  h  f  sf
Simmons, Dan The Terror G  H  F  SF
Slatter, Angela Sourdough and Other Stories F H  g
Smith, Michael Marshall [as Michael Marshall] Bad Things  M  H  G sf
Smith, Michael Marshall [as Michael Marshall] The Intruders  M  G sf  h
Smith, Michael Marshall [as Michael Marshall] Killer Move  M  G sf  h
Smith, Michael Marshall Only Forward SF  F  h  m
Smith, Scott E. The Ruins G  H  f  sf
Spector, Craig Underground H
Spencer, William Browning The Ocean and All Its Devices (reviewed by Terry Weyna) G  F  H  sf
Stableford, Brian The Hunger & Ecstasy of Vampires H  SF  F  G
Stone, Nick Mr. Clarinet (reviewed by Terry D'Auray) M  H  G
Straub, Peter, Editor Poe's Children : The New Horror : An Anthology (reviewed by Mario Guslandi)  H
Strieber, Whitley 2012: The War for Souls SF H
Strieber, Whitley Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is To Come NF f h sf
Stuart, Nancy Rubin The Reluctant Spiritualist: The Life of Maggie Fox (reviewed by Stephanie Cage) NF  h  g
Sullivan, Randall The Miracle Detective NF  m  f  g  h
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Teague, Christopher C. Editor Choices (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  G
Tregillis, Ian Bitter Seeds SF  F  H  m  g
Tregillis, Ian Necessary Evil SF  F  H  m  g
Tregillis, Ian The Coldest War SF  F  H  m  g
Trussoni, Danielle Angelology  F  G  H  SF
Trussoni, Danielle Angelopolis  F  G  H  SF
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Valentine, Mark Selected Stories  G  f  m  h
VanderMeer, Jeff and Ann The New Weird F  H  SF  g  m
VanderMeer, Jeff Annihilation  SF  H  G  m
VanderMeer, Jeff Authority  SF  H  G  m
VanderMeer, Jeff Shriek: An Afterword F  H  SF  G
Vann, David Last Day on Earth: A Portrait of the NIU School Shooter NF m g h
Vollmann, William T. Last Stories and Other Stories  G  H  F
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Schneider, Charles; Watt, DP; Gardner, Cate The Transfiguration of Mister Punch H F g
Wecker, Helene The Golem and the Jinni G F sf h
Wexler, Robert Freeman Circus of the Grand Design F  G  H
Wilde, Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray (reviewed by Terry Weyna) G  H
Williams, Tad Happy Hour in Hell  F  M  H  SF G
Williams, Tad Sleeping Late on Judgment Day  F  M  H  SF G
Williamson, Jerry with Gary Braubeck Masques V (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  F  SF  G  M
Williamson, Jerry with Gary Braubeck Masques V (reviewed by Mario Guslandi) H  F  SF  G  M
Willis, Connie Inside Job M  G  h
Wilson, Daniel H. Ph.D. Robopocalypse SF H  G
Wolfe, Gene The Wizard (reviewed by Katie Dean) F  SF  H
Wyckoff, Jason A. Black Horse and Other Strange Stories H  F  SF  G
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Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Angel's Game H  F  M  G
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Prisoner of Heaven H  F  M  G
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Shadow of the Wind H  F  M  G
Zan, Koethi The NeverList M  H  G
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